What does Sustainable Fashion have to do with Sperm Count?

“The modern world is altering male and female reproductive development, imperiling the future of the human race...”

- Dr. Shanna Swan


I’ve had a hunch - plastic just ain’t right.

Specifically, our constant interaction with apetrochemical byproduct. But if you need to hear it via Joe Rogan, here it is: Plastics are causing infertility at a catastrophic rate. Sperm count has dropped in all western countries by over 50% in the last 40 years - and it’s trending downwards.

Dr. Shanna Swan, a leading reproductive epidemiologist, has researched the link between testosterone and phthalates, a class of chemicals inherent to most plastics, for the last 20 years. She‘s proven that parents’ exposure to these chemicals is arresting the sexual development of their children in utero, resulting in less testosterone, smaller penises, lower sperm count, and shorter life span. Permanently.

Phthalates are in our food, our fabric and our consumer products. They’re unregulated bythe U.S. government, grandfathered in with plastics since the 1950’s and defended today by fossil fuel lobbyists.What can we do to protect ourselves and future generations from the danger of phthalates?

- Listen to the full podcast here.

- Grow your own food and shop at farmer’s markets to avoid food processed by plastic.

- Eliminate plastic from your kitchen, your wardrobe, your bathroom. Learn how here.

- Wear natural, organic fibers. Shop here.

- Avoid coatings like tephlon and bisphenols.

- Detox from phthalates before conceiving and limit exposure while pregnant. Get tested here.

- Endorse a carbon fee and dividend, which will regulate fossil fuels and byproducts. Learn how here.

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