Self-Reliance Kit


Break free from single-use plastics with a beautifully curated Self-Reliance Kit! 

Includes everything you need to move through your day without single-use plastics (and nothing you don't). Keep it in your bag and enjoy to-go items without the waste. Don't forget to take it traveling! You're one click away from saving thousands of disposables from landfills and oceans...


- 100% organic cotton ARIELLE canvas tote bag 

- Drawcord compartmentalized carrying case; made from deadstock organic fabrics

- Stainless steel drinking straw; wide diameter works for smoothies! 

- Reusable spork; made from reclaimed Sapodila wood

- Mason jar; for to-go coffee, juices, smoothies, bulk items

- 100% organic cotton napkin

- Incense matches; made locally (because lighters are plastic!)

- Educational booklet

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