Plastic-Free Plea: Free Template


Please use the email template below & accompanying PDF to encourage businesses to phase out plastics! 

To use:

  • Locate the email address of the business
  • Copy & paste the below text in an email
  • Customize to fit your message
  • Attach this PDF, "Why Quit Plastics?"
  • Send liberally!



I'm reaching out as a customer and fellow citizen to see if your business has considered phasing out single-use plastics.
Many people (including myself) have committed to a plastic-free lifestyle and are encouraging our communities to do the same! I'd love to continue to be a customer if you can consider using alternatives to plastic for your packaging.
As you may know, plastics are a growing problem to the health of our planet and its species. I've attached a document with more details if you're interested in the facts! 
Time is critical. We can't wait for policy change. Plus, it's great PR and marketing to go plastic-free!
Please feel free to reach out if you'd like any help with this endeavor. I hope you will consider phasing out plastics in your business - our world is worth it!
Thank you,

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